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Pseudo-Occult Media: The Final Satanic Celebrity Big Brother

Pseudo-Occult Media: The Final Satanic Celebrity Big Brother

The Final Satanic Celebrity Big Brother

The final year of the monstrosity that is Big Brother should be a cause for celebration. The Illuminist media controllers certainly are using it to celebrate their Luciferian beliefs through overt ritual and symbolism, it's the last year so why wouldn't they go all out with their symbolism? The show is very tongue in cheek so should not be taken overly seriously, admittedly I found the whole thing a little amusing. If you speak to the average Big Brother viewer in the UK the majority of them are not even aware of where the term 'Big Brother' originates, George Orwell's 1984 surveillance society which we are well on the way too (thanks mainly due to 'social networking' most recently but obviously CCTV and the like). Big Brother's All Seeing Eye is very much associated with Freemasonic/Illuminist eye symbolism (this year in particular with it made of fire/light, and reflected on the water, as above so below in the promo), the company who makes the Big Brother shows 'Endemol', their logo is also an eye. The show's purpose has probably been to desensitize the viewer, trivializing the concept of being under total surveillance as a cool thing (and to give the masses the irrational hope/"dream"/distraction of becoming a celebrity). I posted on last years CBB which used the shattered glass/mind, porcelain masks and other mind control symbolic motifs worth checking out. I should have a more substantive post up in the next few days by the way.
The theme this year was Hell and Luciferianism, with it's cryptic phrase this year being 'Hell Lies in Others'. Satanic/Luciferian motifs feature everywhere throughout the house, a couple of examples here such as the Baphomet ram/goat skulls.

Each of the 'celebs' walk on the eye stage through the frenzied crowd along with the paparazzi's flashing lights, initially exiting out of the eye (made to look like the sun when opened as light comes from it), the masked light bearers (more Luciferianism) symbolically move their torch away from the eye then inwards just as the celebrity exits the eye, this is done every time showing it is ritual. I assume that these four (in red/black) represent the 'Four Crown Princes of Hell' described in the Satanic Bible (but may just be standard Luciferian ritual figures). The house is supposed to be Hell, fire is projected onto the outside walls of the house (most will just write the fire off as symbolizing Hell but it is more specifically Luciferian light symbolism I think).
Stephen Baldwin, one of the Baldwin brothers and a "born again evangelical Christian" (which usually [especially if Republican] translates in reality as a closet Satanist or something) enters the house saying the line he had obviously been itching to say, "I plan on being a representation of the light of truth." which is often what Lucifer is viewed as in occult circles (a representation/personification of light, the light bearer, light symbolizing truth/understanding/illumination/etc).

Petrified scary clowns are at the heads of most of the beds in the purple bedroom and the circus theme (the global celebrity "circus") is notable here with the diary room seat made to look like a circus ride (arguably with horns/solar subliminal motifs) and some of those bendy mirrors good for added confusion in mirror programming.

I really don't want to waste any more time on this show than is absolutely necessary so I will not go through the other initiates into the house (most of them have things to post on). But there was one who displayed clear Illuminist/'Illuminati' symbolism and that was 'Lady Sovereign', real name Louise Amanda Harman. In 2005 she apparently auditioned for hip hop's master Illuminist Jay Z and was signed up to Def Jam Records, which explains her adoption of 'their' symbolism. The most flagrant example of her use of this symbolism is her gold eye in the pyramid Illuminati pendant, which as you can see below in these screen caps was obviously intentionally used in the video introducing her.

Another clip they chose to include in her intro video, again obviously for the symbolism was her checkerboard top (going along with her other Illuminist/Freemasonic eye in the pyramid) in the video for 'Love Me or Hates Me'.

She wore the Illuminati symbolic pendant during her ritualistic Luciferian catwalk to Hell, along with a t-shirt featuring a pink triangle/pyramid with Mickey Mouse arms and a face.

The entrance to hell is typically Masonic with the twin pillars and a slight arch (arch motifs are all over the house, some examples below in their first task with them all trapped in Satan's mini) above the cage gate.

Shhh... Don't talk about Illuminati robots. Seriously though her stunted growth (she looks about 15 but is actually 24) is sometimes a symptom of abuse which may suggest her MK.

Some additional images of "Sov".

These few are from her 'I Got You Dancing' video, note typical leopard, crowned skull and bones, eyeball, light/luciferian and some other symbolic stuff (green face paint symbolizing Osiris and whatnot).

Last video I've come across of hers for 'So Human' has some pretty typical Illuminist symbolism with the black/clear(light) triangles, she does the usual covering one eye with the triangle pose, and the tiresome framing of one eye in the pyramid gesture.

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